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Sure Thermal Back Heat Pack

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Brand : Sure Thermal

Price : £2.99

RRP : £9.99 | YOU SAVE : £7.00

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Sure Thermal Back Heat Pack is a soothing aromatherapy pack that securely and comfortably straps in place for targeted relief.

Remove any packaging and place pack in a clean and debris free domestic microwave oven.

Heat according to the following table and do not exceed heating time of 1 minute in a microwave oven up to 1000 watts.

500 - 750 watts - maximum time: 2 minutes.
750 - 1000 watts - maximum time: 1 minute.

Only re-heat from room temperature.

When using as a cold compress, put this pack in a sealed plastic bag before placing in the fridge or freezer.

This product can cause burns, avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin.

Take care when removing from the microwave oven.

Do not overheat.

For microwave oven use only.

Do not leave any child unattended with this item.

Filled with safe and harmless silica beads.